The difference between wireless charging technology and traditional charger

Issuing time:2022-11-14 15:16

Although wireless charging still needs a charger to transmit power wirelessly, it still seems troublesome, but the traditional charger can only charge one mobile phone, even the charger of each mobile phone is different, and the wireless charging standard can charge all mobile phones that support Qi, and it can support multiple products to charge together, this kind of charging only needs to put the phone on the table. In addition, after the wireless technology standard is mature, such devices will be installed in major public places, so it is very convenient for users to charge wirelessly, whether at home, in the office, on the street or even on the train.

From the perspective of technological development, wireless charging technology is based on the development of RFID short-range magnetic field coupling technology. Mobile phones can install charging coils and rectifier chips even without software changes. There are several types of installation:

One is an induction coil + chip, which forms an independent component. Such components range from the size of coins to the size of 38x40mm. Winding the coil with copper wire.

Second: a coil is installed in the peripheral frame of the mobile phone lithium battery, which is called wireless rechargeable lithium battery. The advantage of this kind of battery is that it is easy to install, but the defect is also obvious, because the mobile phone battery is a metal part, which will block the penetration of the electromagnetic wave of charging, making the charging efficiency low.

Third: using LDS (three-dimensional circuit) technology, laser antenna on the plastic shell of the mobile phone.

Fourth: using FPC (flexible circuit board) to manufacture antenna components, the disadvantage is that the price is high. The advantages are flexible, thin and easy to install.

Among the above methods, the most promising one is LDS technology. A series of micro-navigation laser plastics, magnetic laser plastics and automatic large-format high-speed laser machines have been launched in China, which makes the manufacturing process popular.

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