What is wireless charging technology?

Issuing time:2022-11-14 15:11

Wireless charging technology is a technology that uses magnetic field to charge equipment without the help of wires at all. Wireless charging technology, derived from wireless power transmission technology, uses magnetic resonance to transfer charge in the air between charger and equipment, while coils and capacitors form resonance between charger and equipment to achieve efficient transmission of electric energy.

Wireless charging technology adopts a unified industry standard. In the next few years, mobile phones, PMP/MP3 players, digital devices, mobile devices and other products can use the same wireless charger with low energy consumption and high compatibility. This charger is similar to a tray plugged directly into the power supply, and federally certified mobile phones of different brands with the "Qi" logo can be charged directly on it.

Long-distance wireless charging

Convenience needless to say, in addition, wireless charging is also safer, without the exposed connector, leakage, running electricity and other security risks are completely avoided. Some people are worried about the problem of radiation. It has been eight years since this technology was first used in water purifiers. Its safety has been verified in 36 countries and certainly will not bring harm to the human body and the environment. According to reports, wireless charging generally transmits energy through a magnetic field, while human beings and most of the objects around them are non-magnetic. Another benefit of wireless charging is to save power. The efficiency of wireless charging equipment is about 70%, which is equal to that of wired charging equipment, but it has the function of automatic turn-off of full charge, which avoids unnecessary energy consumption. And this efficiency acceptance rate is constantly improving, and will soon reach 98%.

What is wireless charging technology?

Wireless charging devices are much smarter than ordinary chargers. For different electronic products, the power interface can automatically correspond. When charging is needed, the transmitter and receiver chip will automatically start working at the same time, and when fully charged, both sides will automatically turn off. It can also automatically identify different devices and energy requirements and carry out 'personalized work', which is intelligence.

Now, for the safety of consumers and their convenience, relevant researchers first provide near-magnetic field wireless charging technology (that is, next to the transmitter). At the same time, they are also studying long-distance wireless charging, which will be an emerging market. In fact, current technology can achieve effective power transmission within a range of 3 feet to 4 feet, but this still needs to be verified by relevant organizations. I believe that in the next 5 to 10 years, or even faster, long-distance wireless charging will enter everyone's life.

In the future, not only low-power appliances, but also common household appliances, medical equipment, power tools, office appliances, kitchen appliances and so on can be charged wirelessly. In fact, to be exact, it should be called "wireless power supply", that is, it uses electricity while transmitting electricity, and it does not need any battery-like power storage devices, let alone charging in advance.

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