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Shenzhen Tianhui Xingye Technology Co., Ltd was founded in Shenzhen city Guangdong province, China in 2012. As a professional manufacturer and exporter in wireless charger and related products, the company is engaged in research, development, production and sale of desktop wireless charger, stand charging dock, magnetic mobile charger, car wireless charger, multifunctional wireless charger, power bank phone charger, wireless charging receiver and so on. Under the leadership of CEO Mark Fu, Tianhui Xingye Technology has become a leading enterprise in our field.
Independent design
Innovative research and development
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International Certification
Standard of industry
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Our R&D team has extensive experience in software development, hardware design and personalized packaging
We always keep close communication with domestic and foreign counterparts, keep up with the market, innovation in technology and design, to provide a strong guarantee for our partners to seize the market
Our products have passed FCC, FCC ID, CE, RoHS and other international certifications, safety and reliability are in line with industry standards
The company has rich experience in customized services, can provide customers with standardized and customized products and services.
Focus on desktop wireless charging, support wireless charging, magnetic suction wireless charging, car wireless charging, multi-function wireless charging, charger type wireless charging, wireless charging receiver and other products research and development, production and sales
Perfect production system to ensure reliable product quality.
Capacity of production
Unique OEM, ODM high-end customization mode
The company has rich experience in customized services, can provide customers with standardized and customized products and services. We have a number of private model products, with original design, independent appearance patent and utility patent, and won national recognition. Can provide more options for customized services, avoid copyright and patent problems, personalized customization more freedom.
Although wireless charging still needs a charger to transmit power wirelessly, it still seems troublesome, but the traditional charger can only charge one mobile phone, even the charger of each mob...
Wireless charging technology is a technology that uses magnetic field to charge equipment without the help of wires at all. Wireless charging technology......
First. Overview of Wireless charging
Wireless charging technology, also known as non-contact charging, is the use of near-field induction, that is, through electromagnetic ......
1. Sinking to the low-end model
The growth of the consumer electronics industry, including smartphones, smartwatches and laptops, is driving the growth......
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